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This process generates a Amazon category specific music loader inventory upload file for each enabled marketplace and uploads it.

The Amazon Music Loader inventory file will match existing products and when unable to find and existing product will create a new product.

Every upload will have an upload report returned in your amazon account where you can see any errors...



Uploaded products will appear in the M2ePro Unmanaged products section ready to me moved to the relevant M2ePro listing group. 

See M2ePro dcumentation for details on how to manage these listings.

M2ePro unamanaged listings can be set to auto map by sku to Magento products.



Upload Product

Select products to upload using the options:

  • 'Category ID'
  • From 'Product ID'
  • 'To Product ID'

Select the upload action to update existing listings:

  • Update

Click 'Upload Products' to start the process.  Progress is displayed in the 'Upload Progress' Section


Scheduled Product Upload

Upload all products that are not currently listed at 12:00am daily