D2M Pro eBay

D2M Pro is our Magento 2 extension that add ebay friendly data and images to Magento Products created from Discogs listings ready to be used to create eBay listings.

It does the following:

  • Resizes any images that are less than 500px wide
  • Adds the eBay category code
  • Add the eBay store category code
  • Adds eBay shipping charge per product
  • Adds ebay condition codes

M2ePro is used to create and Manage eBay Listings.  The relevant code, shipping, image and title fields generated by this extension are selected when setting up the M2E Pro to create eBay listings.


1. Configuration

  1. Ebay API Authorisation
  2. Ebay Description
  3. Ebay categories
  4. Ebay Conditions
  5. Ebay Shipping
  6. Ebay Images
  7. Product Update

2. Admin

  1. Store Categories UK
  2. Store Categories DE
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