Set Up D2M Pro eBay


We will set up M2ePro for you to list and manage your inventory on eBay

Up to 8 hours of technical support time is covered with this purchase.


  • You will need a .uk or .de eBay account
  • You will need an M2ePro Subscription (Free for up to £10,000 of sales per month)
  • We will need access to your eBay account to check for upload status and for any issues.
  • eBay store (optional)
  • sufficient eBay listing limits, your eBay account may have limits to the number of items that you can list

Set Up

We will set up M2ePro eBay policies for you to list your full inventory*, this includes

  • selling policy
  • category codes
  • payments & returns policy
  • item description
  • item specifics
  • shipping prices by format
  • listing groups


We will create an initial batch of listings for you to review before a full upload

Ongoing Listing

We will provide instructions on adding and managing additional listings